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Our food system is inefficient, cruel and we are wasting our resources. We will run out of clean water, deplete the soil of nutrients and collapse the ecosystem. We are destroying the tropical rainforest, the lungs of the planet, and home to millions (if not trillions) of species of life forms that took millions of years of evolution to create. We are growing food on this land to feed the animals we eat (for the most part.) We are creating mass extinction and we are not immune to extinction ourselves as we are dealing in a land of finite resources. Humans are starving right now because we choose to feed their food to the animals we eat. Approx. 50,000 litres of drinking water goes into producing 1 kilo of beef or a gallon of milk. It takes approximately 10 times more grain to feed a "food" animal to eat it than it does to just feed the grain directly to the human being. We can feed 7 billion humans much more efficiently than 100 billion or more land animals. And we are ignoring our moral obligation to protect innocent animals and people who cannot protect themselves. Yes animals in the wild eat flesh but they do not breed in captivity and confine their prey to spaces indoors without space enough to turn around or be comfortable at all during the entire life. These animals are living a life of torture. No wild animal is so cruel to abuse, torture, confine, neglect, overcrowd, beat, cram in cages so small they never move, allow them no exercise, no sunshine, EVER, no movement even! Cut up into pieces while conscious, skin them alive, boil alive, etc etc etc This is common the world over. 100 billion a year we slaughter!!!!! and we kill another 1-3 trillion in the oceans. Non human animals are not capable of cultivating plant crops, however we are. We do not need animal products to survive. Some animals do need other animals to survive we are not one of them - many have proven this. Our intestines are long like herbivores and we have a back up emergency system we are abusing. Animal protein and fat creates disease in our body where plant food does not. We can derive all we need from plants and bacteria, rather than have the animals process this for us. If we focus on feeding the people directly we stop the torture and slaughter. If you eat meat dairy or eggs and you watch how the pigs, cows, chickens, farmed fish etc live you, will see they suffer immensely. When we take from the oceans we risk the lives of the sharks and whales who are essential to the ocean ecosystem. We need to keep it in balance. And the taste for flesh is not worth mass suffering beyond comprehension. We can learn to eat the plants. If you don't have the stomach to watch these videos on how the "food" animals live - it is because you already know it is creating suffering for them. Please stop supporting animal cruelty immediately! We can eat if we grow food for us rather than the animals we breed into existence to consume. We threaten the wildlife when we farm the land to grow the animal food. There is enough food for everyone but not enough to feed and care properly for so many animals! Every social issue is solved by going to a plant based diet and provides a tangible way of knowing who is cruel and who believes all life is sacred. The torture can stop but it takes each and every one of us to make it happen. Violence is a choice. Please stop contributing to lifetimes of starvation, torture, confinement, abuse, and slaughter. Please stop! Let us instead worship all life, not just our own. Let's love and worship instead of destroy, torture, and exploit ok?! Please! We can do this! And we will be better for it!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

MoD Killing Animals for Cruel Training | Take Action | - 1

MoD Killing Animals for Cruel Training | Take Action | - 1:

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sign the Petition to President Truong Tang Sang - MOJ & Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra · Stop Dog and Cat Meat Smugglers From Thailand - Vietnam · Causes

Sign the Petition to President Truong Tang Sang - MOJ & Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra · Stop Dog and Cat Meat Smugglers From Thailand - Vietnam · Causes:

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Petition | Take Dog & Cat Meat off the Menu! |

Petition | Take Dog & Cat Meat off the Menu! |

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Petition | Governor of Lagos Hon Babatunde Fashola.: Ban the Nigerian Dog Meat Trade - Lagos |

Petition | Governor of Lagos Hon Babatunde Fashola.: Ban the Nigerian Dog Meat Trade - Lagos |

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Petition | Gobierno del estado de Ensenada Baja California: I want justice for Angelito, the dog that was tortured, burned and maimed!! |

Petition | Gobierno del estado de Ensenada Baja California: I want justice for Angelito, the dog that was tortured, burned and maimed!! |

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dogs in Africa Painfully Chopped to Death Common Practise for these people

holy mother of god this is common practise for these people omg omg omg sooooooooooooooooo much pain and agony for the dogs omg omg omg omg reading this will scar u for life. this is normal to these people. completely normal and they believe it is necessary. and that it is acceptable behaviour.

AFRICA IS NOT ASIA - IT'S WORSE: brand NEW FILM FOOTAGE OF AFRICAN DOG MEAT BUTCHERS has been entrusted to SayNoToDogMeat.Net., SHOWING THE THREE MAIN WAYS DOGS ARE KILLED in Africa's dog meat trade. I have watched all three videos and felt quite ill at the end of each video. Eating dogs in Africa is SPLIT INTO 2 CATEGORIES: people who ARE starving and people are NOT starving.

Dogs in Africa are being TREATED WORSE than many of the dogs in Moran Market, in South Korea. Dogs and cats in Africa NEED THE WORLD'S HELP. THEY NEED OUR COLLECTIVE VOICE.

The videos were filmed in Nigeria (population 166.2 million), where a LARGE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE EAT DOG, by Dr.Mshelbwala who wrote the Veterinary Research Journal featured in SayNoToDogMeat.Net’s previous rabies articles, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (links are on our website article, below.)

The method used TO KILL THE DOG IN THE PHOTOGRAPH involved 3 people. A BOY used a long handled neck noose to restrain the dog from running away. The dog was flipped over on his side as a 2nd man RAMMED A LONG WOODEN POLE INTO THE DOG'S MOUTH, forcing the mouth to stay open.

A 3rd man, the DOG BUTCHER stepped forward and STOOD ON BOTH THE DOG'S HIND LEGS WITH ALL HIS WEIGHT, crushing the dog’s legs as the dog screamed out in agony and panic and bit down on the pole jammed down it’s mouth.

The butcher lifted up a long MACHETE, that seemed THICK AND BLUNT and slowly began to sink the dull thick steel into the side of the screaming dog’s neck. Gripped with terror, the dog’s body tried to thrash and twist but the butcher had all his body weight standing on the helpless dog’s hind legs, while the boy still had the noose firmly around the dog’s neck.

The DOG'S FRONT PAWS clawed and flailed desperately to stop the pain being inflicted on him.

With a horrific SAWING ACTION, the butcher slowly sawed his way thru the screaming dog’s flesh. Because the machete was SO BLUNT it wasn’t able to penetrate the fur, flesh, sinew and muscles in the dog’s neck. It seemed to TAKE FOREVER just to get the machete in.

The BUTCHER WAS NOW EXHAUSTED and stepped back to take a break, LEAVING THE MACHETE STANDING UPRIGHT IN THE DOG'S NECK. Getting his second breath, the butcher once again began sawing the live dog’s neck, as it screamed for mercy.

All the while the 2nd man kept the thick pole jammed into the dogs mouth. Blood was spilling on the ground and the dogs flesh was exposed but the butcher had NOT CUT THROUGH THE CAROTID ARTERY OR SEVERED THE SPINAL CORD. The dog was still VERY MUCH ALIVE and flailing it’s front paws for mercy. From someone…anyone.

The BUTCHER KNEW HE WAS BEING FILMED and was showing his best work. God only knows what happens when he’s not being filmed! One of the last things to happen, WITH THE DOG'S HEAD ALMOST HANGING OFF, BUT STILL ALIVE and clawing furiously with it’s front paws, was the severing of the carotid artery and spinal cord which resulted in the dogs head being 90% severed and finally the dog’s torture was ended. It was dead.

This was only one method, out of theTHREE main methods which SayNoToDogMeat.Net will publish.

Eating dogs is documented in TEN different regions across Africa. In NIGERIA because so much dog meat is eaten, there are many make shift slaughterhouses.
In NAMIBIA dog is eaten as a festive food and and it’s frowned upon to eat too much of it too regularly, as if to belittle the festiveness.

But many other parts of Africa, such as TURKANA, thousands of people are STARVING TO DEATH and although dog was considered TABOO, some people have RESORTED TO EATING DOGS TO STAY ALIVE. Hunger produced from famine is something that only people who have survived can really understand what it does TO YOUR MIND.

To watch your children slowly starve to death one by one in front of you, is a truly shocking situation to find your self in. We have video of people sucking a type of root that looks more like a rock to me. It can’t be chewed, it can only be sucked and to see a starving small child doing this is shocking.

SayNoToDogMeat.Net are working behind the scenes to try and help with aid to the starving people in Africa because these people are only eating dog as a last resort. If they can have a regular food supply they will no longer look at dogs as food.
LET IT BE NOTED: SayNoToDogMeat.Net want all of Africa’s dog and cat meat SHUT DOWN. Africa and Asia.


SayNoToDogMeat.Net will bring you another series of articles on rabies as soon as Dr. Mshelbwala’s next Journal is published. The photograph is used with permission from Dr.P.P.Mshelbwala.


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Stop !!! Sexual use of Animals is legal in Denmark.!!!!.Help us stop this evil and make it illegal ! - The Petition Site

Stop !!! Sexual use of Animals is legal in Denmark.!!!!.Help us stop this evil and make it illegal ! - The Petition Site:

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